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Johnny Carson

For those of you who even still bother to watch television, it was hard to escape the attention the death of Johnny Carson received all over the networks. It seriously rivaled the attention Ronald Reagan’s death received last year. And what did he do again….oh yeah, hosted a friggin late night television program that probably about a half a million people stayed up watching every night. I don’t mean any disrespect to the man, but the attention his death was getting on all of the “news” programs was outrageous. We’re in the middle of a war where hundreds of our troops are dying, and we have to spend a week memorializing this guy like he was an American hero?

I never really followed the history of Carson, but it was interesting to see the “darker side” of him revealed this week also, with a number of sites bringing attention to some very racist work Carson did over the years. A good recap of this can be found here.


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