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Dynamite Service

What do you get when you mix the director of one of last year’s best movies with the USPS’s favorite new band? Well, the new music video from the band The Postal Service, as directed by ‘Napolean Dynamite‘ director Jared Hess. While it is not one of my favorite tracks of theirs (“Natural Anthem” anyone?), the video is pretty amusing. It’s just a little weird to me because it seems to have some sort of cult-esque over-happy religious undertone, which is interesting given the director’s Mormon background. But maybe that is just me taking previous knowledge and overanalyzing.

While we’re on the topic of music videos, I just caught two new ones from one of my favorite directors this week, that being Spike Jonze. The first is the video for the first single off the new Ludacris album, “Get Back“. This entertaining video features Ludacris going around with some big Hulk Hands. Jonze’s other new video is his latest of his many collaborations with Bjork, this time for her song “Triumph of a Heart“. One of my favorites off her new record, ‘Medulla‘, this video features a very talented cat. Kind of hard to explain, so just watch it. And if you like Jonze’s work, I highly recommend his video compilation DVD, which was released last year. Some really amazing work on there.


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