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MTV Killed the Video Star

For those of us that remember when MTV2 first came to a cable provider nearby, it was a very refreshing alternative to it’s mother, MTV, which had cut down to about 2 hours of videos a day. MTV2 wasn’t afraid to air some of rock’s lesser known acts, flashback to some classic tracks, and play some non gangsta/bling-bling hip-hop. Well, as it grew older and gained more markets, it quickly began mutating….or just inevitably growing up as a momma’s boy, because it sure started to look and act a lot like it’s mom. These days, the same top 40 crap that dominates TRL, mixed in with pointless “shows” and other garbage are the norm, with only a small glimmer of it’s younger years still in the corner of it’s eye.

Well, for those of you hoping that glimmer would be rekindled….please stop reading now, because I’m about to tell you it’s not. According to various news sources (link), it is kicking off a new direction during the Super Bowl halftime. The direction? Apparently it will be “featuring a combination of music, shows and random content aimed at young males”. Isn’t MTV owned by Viacom, which already did this with “Spike TV” ? Is this like the hipper version of that crap? Are they going to show marathons of that inane ‘Video Mods‘ show which is just something that gives lazy video-game obsessed youths some computer-generated women to drool over? Maybe they’ll find another new show to throw Pamela Anderson in. I guess that falls under “random content”.


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