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Put the phone down!

If you’re like most Americans, you own a cell phone (self included here). And if you’re like most Americans, you have no idea how annoying you are (self not included here). I personally have a few simple rules for talking on the phone…a) not in public, b) not while driving, and c) not while I’m out with someone else. Of course there are rare exceptions if it is believed to be an emergency. Obviously, most people do not have the same rules as myself.

It seems that driving around these days, there are more people on their phones than people who are just driving. And a new study (link) shows that “When young motorists talk on cell phones, they drive like elderly people”. If you find yourself talking and driving at the same time, please choose one and stop the other. Get off the phone, or pull over somewhere. Otherwise you’ll feel the wrath of my horn and suffer from a few seconds worth of embarrassment. And if you’re one of those people who talks on the phone while you’re at the checkout counter at a store, please go see your doctor because there is something very wrong with you.


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