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All I want for Valentine’s Day is….Chipotle!

If you’re still crazy for Chipotle, much like I am, you will be glad to hear they are running one of their weird specials again (like the free Election Day burrito), this time to coincide with the most annoying “holiday” of the year, Valentine’s Day. According to Chipotle’s website (link), if you purchase a Chipotle gift card (min $5) between 1/31 – 2/11, you can bring the receipt back on the 12-14th, and get a free burrito! I already picked up one gift card, and might snag another.

And yes, to clarify what a friend might have told you, Chipotle is owned by America’s favorite saturated fat pusher, McDonald’s (link). Not that a big, fat burrito is that healthy (go here to calculate the “nutrition” of your favorite burrito), but it doesn’t have to be horrible. I calculated my usual configuration (Carnitas fajita burrito w/ tomato salsa & lettuce), and it’s under 1,000 calories, not to mention I usually save half for another day. So a 500 calorie dinner? Better than most meals out for me I’m sure.


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