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HBO’s ‘The Wire’ – best show on TV?

For those of us not fortunate enough to have premium cable channels, the advant of the television series on DVD has been one of the great achievements of mankind. Well I have enjoyed numerous shows that I would never have otherwise, one of the ones that I am currently sucked into is HBO’s police drama, ‘The Wire’. While the series just finished up it’s 3rd season on HBO, the 2nd season just hit the streets on DVD. While it carries a hefty price tag of $99.99 for the 5-disc, 12 episode season, you can likely find it at your local video store (or like me, via Netflix). A review of the release can be find here on IGN (link).

I had heard it was a good show, but was a little tentative at first because I’ve never really gotten into any of the cop dramas on regular television. And now with the dozens of CSIs and Law & Orders, the genre is more played out than ever. But ‘The Wire’ doesn’t try to be anything it is not. After watching the first disc of Season 1, I quickly went through the entire season as fast as I could. They basically take a major investigation, and follow it through the course of the season, while fleshing out the various characters, both good & bad guys, and tracing various subplots. Quite a refreshing way of doing things from the usual clean and cut 40-minute crime, investigation, prosecution, punishment cycle of most cop shows.

Unfortunately, ‘The Wire’ is yet another one of those great television shows which critics can’t gush enough about, yet it has failed to capture the audience it deserves (‘Freaks & Geeks’, ‘Arrested Development’, and previously ‘The Family Guy’). So with the 3rd season now in the books, the future of the series is still up in the air. The show’s creators have expressed a desire to finish their story through another 2 seasons, and myself and many other fans (link) can only hope that HBO will stand behind the series and let the creator’s vision be seen.


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