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Cool invention for runners

While I was thumbing through the latest copy of “Runner’s World” magazine, I saw an ad for an item called the Garmin Forerunner 301 GPS with Heart Rate Monitor (link). Even if you’re not a runner, it’s hard not to be amazed by a gadget like this. Basically, it’s a wrist-mounted device you can wear while running (or cycling) that monitors your heart rate, and uses GPS to determine the distance you have run. Also, you can link it up to your computer, map out a running route which you then load onto the device so that it will guide you where to go when you’re running. And if that is too advanced for you, you can just turn it on when you start running, and it create an “electronic breadcrumb trail” which you can use to lead you back to your starting point in case you get lost.
I’m sort of in the beginner phase of becoming a runner. I’ve had a desire to run a marathon for quite some time, but I am nowhere close to being in condition for it, and have kept putting off doing so because it’s a large investment of time, which I don’t have. And it’s especially hard given the limited training season that the Cleveland climate provides. But when I do buckle down and get serious, this is definitely a cool little gadget I would seriously consider purchasing. It can help you monitor your pace, and it can learn your heart rate and let you know if you’re in your optimal training zone, or exerting too much.


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