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Nerd status….solidified

In an effort to further solidify my status as a nerd, this morning I signed up for a new program to donate my spare computer cycles to astrophysics. I signed up for the new Einstein@Home project. This project is using the same distributed computing platform as the popular extraterrestial search SETI@Home project. Except this time, the search is for gravitational waves instead of alien intelligence. In addition to actually using all that spare computer time to actually contribute to something, it serves as a pretty cool screensaver. There is a nice write-up on it here, as well as some national press here and here.


One response to “Nerd status….solidified

  1. Joshua Anderson February 21, 2005 at 10:13 pm

    Real nerds use SETI. Wannabe nerds use this new sissy version. Here, take a look, loser!!!Total CPU Time 2.052 years

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