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The most important video games ever made

My friend Will hooked me up with this link to’s top 50 list of The Most Important Games Ever Made. While a number of these are pretty unknown to me (since my console ownership was limited to Atari, N64 & Xbox, with a small amount of PC), it is cool to see a number of the old arcade favorites in there that I assuredly dumped hundreds of dollars of quarters into. One of the funniest is E.T. – The Extra-Terrestrial, which I had pretty much forgotten about until reading it, and seeing how terrible it was. And I remember Erving vs. Bird: One-on-One as one of my first PC game purchases, and how much fun it was at the time, only to be blown out of the water a few years later by Lakers vs. Celtics. It’s a pretty interesting list, and the only major complaint I have is Tetris at #23? That is a definite top 10 to me.


One response to “The most important video games ever made

  1. Worst Weather Ever February 22, 2005 at 6:49 am

    tetris rules. glad you found value in the article. now that i have my own blog i can comment on all these. nice bonus…

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