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I done sold out

Yes, it’s true, I’ve gone and sold out. As you may have noticed, I have now placed advertisements on my page, courtesy of Google’s AdSense program in an effort to possibly make a few bucks to assist with the upkeep of this free site. So, if you feel compelled to support me and my quest to make a few dollars, please feel more than free to click on any or all of the ads each and every time you visit my webpage. They are supposed to be tailored to my content, so maybe something might actually seem interesting to you. I could see how a few of the ads came about, due to my references to ‘The Wire’ and Chipotle, but the top ad that was showing was for Fox’s “The O.C.“. What’s up with that? I’ve never mentioned that pathetic show, or anything related to it (well, at least until now). But I’m sure the AdSense software works in complex and mysterious ways which are well beyond the capability of my simple brain. Maybe it’s determined that my readers & I really would enjoy the show if we were to give it a chance. Oh Google, you so smart.


One response to “I done sold out

  1. Worst Weather Ever February 23, 2005 at 3:12 pm

    youre the new Against Me! or Offspring, or Anti-Flag…

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