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Oh, the news

On my nightly review of news websites, I just stopped by and was greeted by the main cover story headline of “Millionaire Fossett launches around-the-world bid” (here). As I look at some of the other stories that weren’t quite as important apparently to be considered for the lead story, I see that 125 people were killed in Iraq in a suicide bombing, a Bin Laden message about an attack on the U.S. was intercepted, Citigroup is cutting 1400 jobs, Lebanon’s government resigned. Hmmm….all seemingly unimportant stories, definitely not worthy of being the lead story. I mean c’mon, some guy with more money than he knows what to do with (screw charity), is in the process of buying his 15 minutes of fame by doing some flying stunt that others have tried before him to get their 15 minutes. That’s huge! An event like this only comes around about once a year.


One response to “Oh, the news

  1. Worst Weather Ever March 2, 2005 at 3:38 am

    i’m totally shocked that was ahead of the michael jackson trial. hell 125 dead in Iraq is back page news dude! don’t you remember what the country was like before 9-11? i think we’re back…

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