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The next generation of iPods

I ran across an interesting story here today about the possible next-generation iPod from Apple. While it seems everyone and their cousin has an iPod these days, I’ve yet to hop on that bandwagon. A big reason is because of the old clunker 40gb RCA Lyra (aka “The Brick”) I bought back in the day which I feel I need to run into the ground before I replace it. I’ve always been one to use things until they are wore out, and the Lyra is still functional, it just might not be a sleek and slim as an iPod.

Well anyways, back to the news story. PortalPlayer announced their next-generation “System-on-Chip” which is believed to be the choice processor for the next generation (fifth) of the iPod. Using simple logic, since PortalPlayer’s previous chip is in all of the current iPods, it would only make sense the new & improved chip would power the new ones. And what’s so new & improved? How about TRIPLE the battery life? That is just the tip of the iceberg, but all the other stuff is geeky stuff, so read the article for the details. I’m just waiting out for that 80gb iPod Photo…and it would be nice if it could go for under $400.


One response to “The next generation of iPods

  1. Worst Weather Ever March 4, 2005 at 8:32 pm

    youre the only person i know that could possibly fill up an 80gig player. youll miss the brick one of these days when you lose your nickel size terrabyte mp9 player that youll fill up in 2 days, and never listen to completely through the playlist even once in your lifetime. the life of a completist…

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