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This week in Netflix

I’ve been busy recently and have not been taking advantage of my Netflix subscription. But this weekend, I did manage to watch a couple things.

– I watched the 3rd epidsode of Season 1 of HBO’s ‘Carnivale‘. I’m still pretty lukewarm on this series. It has yet to hook me in like most of HBO’s other series (‘Six Feet Under’ & ‘The Wire’). In general, the first three episodes were pretty interesting, but there is still this big mystery that hangs over the whole plot, and they have done little in way of keying people into what it is. So it’s pretty frustrating that they keep offering hints at a mystery that you have very little grasp about.

– I also watched a movie from Japan, ‘Last Life in the Universe‘. It is from 2003, but was just released 3 weeks ago in the US. It has received much critical praise, and is oft compared to ‘Lost in Translation‘, a favorite of mine. They both feature characters that are in transition that just happen to come together by coincidence and form a special bond. Despite all the rave reviews, I did not feel very strongly for it. There were a number of scenes where alternate things happened, and it was hard at times to seperate the reality from the fiction. And the plot just dragged for most of the movie after the first 20 minutes, and before the last 5. So, I would not recommend it, and give it only two stars.


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