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Welcome to hell…I mean Cleveland

After being teased twice this past week with near 70 degree temperatures, good ol’ Cleveland pulled yet another big snow out of it’s bag of tricks. Saturday, we received about 9 inches of really wet snow which caught most people off guard, especially the snow plow drivers who failed to keep the streets the least bit clean for those of us who had things to do. And with that snow, Cleveland broke it’s all-time snow record, with a total of 105.3 inches so far this season. Hopefully, there is no more to come…but I’m not holding my breath. The latest snowfall on record was May 20th! And for those of you who think global warming is well underway, it apparently has not had an effect on Cleveland, as this season was the 3rd straight year we have set a top 5 snowfall record. And in March, we were below the average temperature something like 26 of the 31 days. And the city leaders wonder why no young people want to stay here. Too bad there is really nothing they can do about this.


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