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Should be a holiday

Today is quite possibly my favorite day of the year…opening day for baseball. It’s pretty much the unofficial harbinger of the end of winter (for those of us who live in places that have seasons). Back in college, I would literally stay inside all day and watch hours upon hours of games from noon until midnight. Unfortunately, being a working man now, I only was able to watch a few hours after I arrived home this evening as all of today’s games were early starts. The Indians lost 1-0, but the Mariners won, so it was a so-so day. Can’t wait until I take the afternoon off work next Monday to watch the Indians home opener. I just hope it’s not 30 and snowy like it was last year.

Although baseball is considered to be our “national pastime”, it is hard to find true baseball fans these days. Most people I talk to prefer football or basketball and merely tolerate baseball as the “other” major sport, saying it’s too slow and boring to watch. While it might not be wall-to-wall action like some other sports, I personally find it the most enjoyable to watch. I can even listen to a whole game on the radio and enjoy it as much as if I was there. Hopefully a time will come again when people of my generation can come to enjoy baseball as much as I do.


2 responses to “Should be a holiday

  1. Anonymous April 6, 2005 at 7:44 pm

    I have to agree with the previous poster… My dad could listen to games on the radio… how boring!But there is an interesting battle that goes on between the pitcher and the hitter… Its like a game of chess… quite interesting really… however chess for some reason does not get as much TV play. I think people who played baseball growing up can get into it more too…

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