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Last night I did something very uncharacteristic for me, I went to a movie I knew nothing about. In this day in age, where there is advertising everywhere, it is hard for a movie to come out that I have not seen a trailer for, or TV commercial, or news story, or anything else. Well, Friday morning, I was reading the paper, and they had write ups on all the new movies coming out that day. I was rushed for time, so I just flipped through them, and I noticed their review of this movie which they gave an A, and I saw they said it deserved nomination for the ‘Best Picture’ Oscar. So naturally, that peaked my interest. But I decided to stop right there, and look at nothing else, and just go see it.

So last night, I did. It was actually very exciting to see a movie that I did not even have a general idea of what the plot was. With most movies I see, I’ve seen the trailer and/or advertisements multiple times, which basically give away the funniest/action-packed/dramatic moments in a movie. And, you usually come away with a pretty solid preconceived notion of what the movie is going to be like, along with certain expectations. It was very cool to not have any of that for once.

And, I was not disappointed. I can say with no hesitation that ‘Crash‘ is the best movie I have seen so far this year, and I see more than my share. It is co-written and directed by the writer of ‘Million Dollar Baby’, and this is his directorial debut, which is really quite amazing to do so good the first time out. I will be scant on the details in case you’d like to go see it yourself knowing as little as I did. There are no real leads in the movie, it is truly an ensemble cast, and a rather impressive one at that, with a lot of actors that you will know, in roles you really would not expect them to be in. This movie is brutally honest and hard to watch at times, but unfortunately is not far from reality in some of its portrayals. It is very dramatic at times, and very well written. I really recommend that everyone go out and give this movie a chance. I highly doubt anyone could come away disappointed from seeing this movie.

(On a side note, the Regal Cinema we went to is now $8.25! Fortunately, being the bargain hunter I am, I had some $6 Entertainment book passes).


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