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he is watching you

The Senate approved a bill to spend another $82 billion dollars in Iraq to keep trying to do whatever it is we are trying to do over there. Who would have thought taking over such a small country would cost so much. We better go smaller next time and maybe snag one of the smaller, lesser known European countries. Oh what the heck, who cares about the national debt anyways? Go big or go home I say.

What was more interesting to note is that the bill includes a provision to create a “Real ID”, which would essentially create national driver’s license standards, and a federal database of information from all 50 states. So, this is essentially the National ID Card that we’ve all been expecting. Well, with that milestone out of the way, how long until we get chips implanted in us? We’re already halfway there with tracking some criminals with GPS devices.

And at the end of the day, where does it really get us? Is not having an ID card going to keep “bad people” off the streets? We have millions of illegals in this country now that we don’t really seem to care about. How is a silly little card going to change anything or make us safer?


One response to “he is watching you

  1. Worst Weather Ever May 11, 2005 at 4:32 am

    the National ID card thing is ridiculous. The fed is essentially requiring all states to have people present FOUR forms of ID to get a drivers license (birth cert, SS, photo ID, and a doc showing full name and current address (ie paystub). according to AP if the states dont comply within 4 years then residents of the state will not be able to board planes! furthermore, the cnahges will cost the states millions of dollars, and no federal funding is included in the bill. like you said, ridiculous.

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