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‘The Office’ to return to NBC!!

Even though Will totally scooped this one, I felt that my readers would be delighted to know that NBC has renewed ‘The Office’ and is bringing it back to Tuesday nights for a second season! You can read more about it here. It’s nice to see NBC taking a chance on something for once. I’m starting to feel like a TV addict now since I now have 2 shows that I will make a point to watch on a regular basis (‘The Family Guy‘, of course, being the other one).

In somewhat related news, this site seems to be one of Google’s definitive sources for ‘The Office’. Just today, I’ve received 6 hits from Google. It pays to be the #5 result for the search ‘the office on nbc‘. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Google owns Blogger, and Blogger sites are encouraged to have AdSense which in turn puts big money in Google’s enormous pockets. No incentive to have it’s own sites near the top of search results, is there? But hey, I don’t mind.


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