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dang that kid is fat

Leaving it up to the British to come up with a great invention…the “Square-eyes”, a device that tracks the amount of excercise a child does in a day, which determines how much television they can watch, literally (story link). So if the kid sits around the house all day? No TV. Obviously it is not going to work, because it’s up to the parents to control the amount of TV their children are watching, and they obviously cannot handle that as it is, so how can we expect some cheap little device to do that? TV is warping the minds of children as it is, regardless of how little excercise they are getting. The fact that they don’t excercise is just icing on the cake.


One response to “dang that kid is fat

  1. Anonymous May 19, 2005 at 4:27 pm

    More than anything advertisers warp childrens minds with their cartoons advertising sugar products and McDonalds… These kids get addicted to this crap food that doesn’t give them real energy to exercise… All they have energy to do is watch tv and ask mom for the latest sugar/fatty product on the market!-Andy

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