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Secrets of the A-List Bloggers

I ran across this link today about the “Secrets of the A-List Bloggers”. It basically does a word count of entries on some of the most popular sites and notices a simple trend: brevity is the way to go. I would agree that in some cases this is indeed true, but usually when I blog I’m trying to give my opinion or add something to a debate instead of simply passing along a link. There are plenty of sites that just list a bunch of interesting links they grabbed from another site and don’t really add any substance to them.

I know I’m just one person and don’t have that many readers, but I still like to put my spin on things and give my perspective. If you just want links, go somewhere else (like Fark, the motherload of quirky links).


One response to “Secrets of the A-List Bloggers

  1. Worst Weather Ever June 4, 2005 at 8:04 pm

    thats an interesting link. howevers those “blogs” almost dont even fit my definition of blog because most of them are simply refiltering news and links. if you look at that list for some of the more personal or topical blogs, like Dooce which is #10, the posts are MUCh longer. Dooce writes hundreds of words. the key is being good and interesting, regardless of length.

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