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Paying for Placement

I knew that companies pay to have their products advertised on TV, radio and movies, but I had no idea that they actually pay stores to prominently display their products. According to this story, “chains like Barnes & Noble and Borders determine their display space based on how much publishers are willing to pay them”, which includes the magazine racks. I spent a number of months working in a bookstore, but was never aware of this. We always received very specific orders from the home office regarding how to arrange magazines and what things to put in displays, but I figured it had more to do with sales strategy. The most interesting thing the author of this post mentions is how an old Tower Records employee told him they actually make more selling shelve space than the actual CDs!


One response to “Paying for Placement

  1. Worst Weather Ever June 7, 2005 at 2:53 am

    dude you have been finding some excellent shit lately. when i worked retail we did the same thing, like corporate office would tell us whatto display by the dorr prominentaly etc. they would mail us these layouts and wed recreate them, and i always suspected it was because someone of the manufacturers were payingthem. weird!

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