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guilty pleasure

It’s rare that I tune into something non-sports or financial related on TV. But I have found myself strangely drawn to ‘Blow Out‘ on Bravo. Since I’m sure only about 1% of my reading audience has ever even heard of this show, here is a run-down: It’s basically a reality show set in this fancy hair salon in Beverly Hills run by this crazy guy named Jonathan (who is apparently like a D-list celebrity for being the “stylist to the stars”). For fans of HBO’s Ali G Show, you might remember him from an interview with the fashion guy where he said some insane things like about Hitler having a wonderful mustache. Anyways, it’s one of those things where it’s so incredibly annoying that I’m just drawn to it (I know, that doesn’t really sound like it makes much sense, but I’m sure most of you have felt that way about something). The best was where he was giving a motivational talk to some of his employees and comparing them to doctors. They cut friggin hair! Maybe one day I’ll pass on my $8 bargain haircut and go somewhere fancy so I can get a taste of this alternate universe where stylists are at the pinnacle of the professional world. Anybody care to donate to my first non-bargain haircut?


2 responses to “guilty pleasure

  1. Kristy June 11, 2005 at 4:25 pm

    We can go get our hair cut together by gay Rob. I can guarantee your life will be CHANGED forever.

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