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A night out on the town (Akron) – part two

Back in April, I had my first night out on the town in Akron. Since I had a great time that evening, I decided it was time to do it again. So Kristy & I ventured down to the rubber city again, but kept our trip limited to the Highland Square area this time. First, we visited Square Records, an excellent independent record store, where I picked up a cheap old 7″ record that caught my eye.

We then stopped in a few doors down for dinner at Two Amigos Mexican Grill. I’d been wanting to try this place after hearing great things, and we were not disappointed. I have heard it is always packed, but fortunately we were able to leave a cell phone number and only had to wander around for 20 minutes or so before they called us. I could have made a meal out of the free chips and salsa (their salsa is the bomb!). The menu has a number of choices and everything is customizable, and the service was great. The only bad part was the noise, which made us almost have to shout to hear one another despite sitting only about a foot apart. But is was some of the best mexican food I’d have, and I’m definitely down with going back sometime.

We then went to Revival, where I picked up a t-shirt I liked from the Rubber City Clothing Co. Afterwards, we went back to Square Records where a band was playing and we hung out for a while. There was a big crowd in both stores and out front, as it was seemingly some sort of small block party or something. Both stores had free food and beverages. And everyone I came across was super nice. There really is a different vibe to this area that I don’t get from anyplace I’ve been in the Cleveland area (and I’ve been to a lot of different areas). So big ups to Akron, particularly Highland Square, for helping make our evening out an enjoyable one.


One response to “A night out on the town (Akron) – part two

  1. Josh Anderson June 13, 2005 at 2:06 am

    Yeah boooyyyyyyyeeeeeee!!!Rockin’ the A-Town, nothing better!!!

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