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back again

It seems I keep taking longer and longer between posts, but I have a lot going on. Running four days a week has kept me very busy, and it seems that my weekends have tons of stuff going on anymore. The summer is just flying by so far.

Went for a run after work today and hit up some sushi with Kristy. We got the sushi dinner for two, and it came out on this big tray and it looked so colorful…and was very tasty. I think tomorrow evening we are going to hit up the Akron Family Barbeque. It’s hard to find good BBQ around here, so events like this are one’s best bet for finding some good pork. Saturday I have to cut the grass which has grown like crazy with the 5 or so inches of rain the thunderstorms have dumped on us the past 3 afternoons. Also might go bike shopping in hopes of having my first bike since I was a kid. And then my friend Josh is having his annual birthday party which is always one of the highlights of the summer for me.


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