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i’m an all-star

Even though I am a huge baseball fan, I have zero interest every year in the All-Star Game. Sure, it showcases the best players in the game, but it’s not fun to watch. It does not interest me to see a guy who normally bats clean-up batting ninth, facing Roger Clemens who just came in to start the 6th inning, because those are not realistic situations. I’d much rather see Clemens laboring in the 6th having thrown 90 pitches so far in the game, having to face the clean-up batter with two runners on and the game on the line with no one ready in the bullpen. That’s a realistic situation and that is when the star players show their worth. Being put on display for the fans pleasure in a showcase game just lacks any sort of drama or intrigue for me.

No running today. I was a bit sore yesterday after running 8 miles on Saturday and biking close to 20 on Sunday (which was supposed to be my “recovery day”), and adding another 3 miles yesterday did not help. The weather is getting very summer-esque around here (90s and humid) which does not bode well for my training, but I’ll just keep plugging away.


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