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Damn you Ohio

The people behind one of my favorite blogs, the Akron-centric RubberBuzz, just started a new blog which is “a new side project that will keep tabs on all the stupid things that Ohio does”. It is aptly titled DamnYouOhio. I sort of have mixed feelings on this one because it’s now a gleaming beacon of all that is so very very wrong with our once great state. And how are things going to get better when you’re publicizing all the things that make us a laughing stock of the country? But on the other hand, everyone needs to be able to laugh at themselves, and we all by now should realize that nowhere are things perfect. New York is insane, LA is overcrowded, Seattle is overpriced, Florida is infested with bugs and blue-haireds, the South is backwards, you get the point. It is all what makes this country so interesting.


2 responses to “Damn you Ohio

  1. Joe July 26, 2005 at 3:14 pm

    We started DamnYouOhio for many of the same reasons we started RubberBuzz: If we can’t make fun of our problems and actually admit that we have problems then its not going to get better. If you don’t like what we’re saying about Ohio, the we have to fix it. We’re doing our part to fix Ohio in real life too, but we want other to get involved. Maybe pissing them off is the way to get them invovled…

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