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in the sauna

The weather outside here in NE Ohio is ridiculous. Even without the sun, it still feels like a sauna outside. But I still went running earlier and was completely drenched afterwards (I know, that’s pretty gross). On Saturday I did my longest run yet, 11 miles. My knees were pretty sore afterwards, but I survived. I did a short bike ride on Sunday to try to revive my legs, and it seemed to work pretty well. So I’ve now passed the 100-mile mark, having done about 116 I believe after today. Over the course of this week, I’ll do 26 miles, just .2 short of a marathon. The hardest work is still to come, though it feels good to know I’m almost halfway done.

Overall, the weekend was pretty good. On Friday, Kristy scored some great seats for the Cleveland Indians baseball game from work. Unfortunately they lost, but the postgame fireworks were great. They are seriously better than most community fireworks on July 4th. The only bad part was that we watched from inside the ballpark and ended up down-wind of the “exhaust” and were caught in a big cloud of smoke and the occasional raining down of debris. On Saturday evening, we went out to the Cuyahoga Country Fairgrounds to check out the Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival (Kristy is part-Irish, and I think I might have a bit in me too). It was pretty fun. Lots of good food, music, and people-watching. Sunday was a relaxing day. Kristy cooked up some tasty Indian food, we scored some ice cream at Handel’s and settled in for our Sunday evening ritual of watching ‘Family Guy‘, which continues to be at the top of it’s game.

This week is going to go by fast as I’m off to St.Louis on Wednesday morning to help my brother move down there. It will be nice to see my relatives as it’s been a while since I was last down there. Unfortunately the Cardinals are not in town, so it seems as though I’ve been to my last game at old Busch Stadium. It’s one of the old “multi-purpose” stadiums, but it was a great place to watch a game. I’m looking forward to checking out some games at their new stadium next summer.


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