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Yesterday I returned from Missouri which I visited for about the 50th time. Usually the trips are to visit all of my relatives, of which about 80% live in Missouri. This time it was a little different as I was helping my brother move. He got a nice apartment out in Ofallon, MO (which is about 20 minutes west of St.Louis) and moved out there because he was transferred with his job. This is the fourth state he’s lived in over the past few years, so I hope it works out this time, because moving isn’t so fun.
We left Wednesday morning in a 3-car caravan, which is never fun. Especially since my brother was in front with the moving van which lacked cruise control, so we constantly sped up and slowed down. And of course, our entire drive through Ohio (about 4 hours) was rain-filled. But we eventually made it to St.Louis and I got a run in on the hotel treadmill and prepared for the actual move-in on Thursday. The move-in went better than expected. He had a lot of junk, but nothing the 4 of us couldn’t handle. On Friday I got to see a number of my relatives and enjoy some BBQ (though it paled in comparison to KC’s). Saturday’s flight home was uneventful, except for when they started the engine on the runway and it seemingly started snowing, as little white pellets rained from above onto the passengers (self-included). It was apparently ice so it was harmless, though it did make a number of people slightly less comfortable about the flight.
Tonight, Kristy and I caught up on some ‘Six Feet Under‘. We’re only one episode behind now, and I think some big stuff is about to go down. People keep saying this season is bad, but I’m really into it. Obviously the writers have a lot of freedom since it’s the last season, but I think they have done a good job of striking a balance and still making it interesting without getting too crazy. I think after watching 4 seasons of it over the past couple years that I’m emotionally invested in the characters (I know, it’s just a TV show and that sounds lame, but it’s true), and I’m as eager as anyone to see what ends up happening to each one. I really have never followed a TV show as closely as I have this one, so it’s new to me to have something like this to follow each week.


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