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sunday night already?

I ended a very hectic week with a great weekend. Kristy’s birthday is on Monday, so I found a bunch of fun activities to keep us busy for the weekend and help to celebrate things a little early. I’ll post some more about this when it’s all over (following Monday night’s evening out).

I did manage to squeeze in a run today. Things have been tough lately as I’ve been have some bad knee pains (which I believe is Ilitobial Band Syndrome) which have forced me to cut back some on my runs. But today I got back to my schedule and completed a 14 mile run. I felt pretty good during the run and shortly thereafter. However, after getting home, the pain hit me as I started to get out of my car. But I’m happy with my progress. My pace today was over 30 seconds better than last Sunday’s long run pace! And I’m now officially halfway through my 16 week program. 8 weeks down, 8 more to go. 54 days until the marathon!


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