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Can Akron make itself "cool"?

The highly publicized year-long campaign by the city of Akron, OH to try to figure out how to be “cool” reached it’s climax last night as the city’s hired consultant, Rebecca Ryan, unleashed her 18 recommendations for the city to achieve “cool” status. You can find the entire list (complete with editorials) on RubberBuzz, the definitive online rep for Akron.

Personally, I think it’s mostly hot air. The entire campaign itself is pretty silly. A city trying to figure out how to be cool? Glad those aren’t my tax dollars commissioning that report. I agree with Joe from RubberBuzz that a lot of it comes down to jobs. You can only do so much, but if people can’t find viable employment, it ain’t gonna work. And some of the stuff like “complete the towpath”? Uhh…they’re already doing that. And trying to go out to cities where Akron-ites have fleed and win them back? Why not focus on what you have now? I wasn’t expecting much from this report, and that’s pretty much exactly what it gave us.


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