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long was the year

Seems as though my lapses between posts keep getting longer and longer. Sorry about that. Been enjoying some better weather (i.e. not as hot), running, riding bikes and being outdoors. Last Saturday, Kristy & I went on a bike ride and got caught out in the rain twice. The second time, it was a crazy downpour which completely soaked us in the three or so minutes it took us to reach shelter at the Boston Store on the towpath along with several other cyclists.

I returned to the towpath the next day for a 17-mile run, my longest yet. I was doing pretty good until I seemingly “hit the wall” at mile 14, when my body really wanted me to just stop. I managed to keep going and finish the entire distance. The plan is to do 18, 19 & 20 mile runs the next 3 weeks and then back off for a couple weeks before the marathon on October 1st (only 37 days away now!). Tomorrow I’m doing my first 5k (having previously just skipped ahead to doing a 10k). It is the “Merrill Lynch Bull Run” in Brecksville, just a few minutes from home. I’m hoping it’s not too awkward. I’m so used to the longer distances now and pacing myself that it’s probably going to be hard to find a good pace. After I get done with the marathon, I plan to focus more on shorter races and improving my times. I’m not ruling out another marathon in the future, but I want to get back to running just for the sake of running instead of following a schedule.


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