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Lately I’ve been using my Netflix account to get TV shows on DVD of stuff I either don’t have access to (HBO) or things I might have missed (Adult Swim). However, this evening Kristy & I watched the movie ‘Saw‘. I had heard a few people explain the general premise of the plot, but was not expecting much. I was wrong. I think this is the best thriller since ‘Seven‘, which is one of my favorite movies of all time. [WARNING: No spoilers below, just the basic plot premise…skip the paragraph if you don’t care to know]. The movie starts with two people waking up in a big open bathroom-like room, chained to opposing walls, with no idea how they got there or who the other person is. In the middle of the room is a dead man who appears to have shot himself. Sounds intriguing, eh?

I highly recommend it if you’re into psychological thrillers like ‘Seven’ and ‘Silence of the Lambs’. You won’t be disappointed, and will probably end up thinking about it for days like I’m sure I will. Any other DVD movie recommendations before I return to the land of TV shows?


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