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take me out to the ballgame

Originally uploaded by thespacerace.

Last night, Kristy & I headed down to Akron to watch an Akron Aeros baseball game at Canal Park (which is also the site of the finish line for the Akron Marathon). The Aeros are the AA minor league affiliate of the Cleveland Indians (so there is one more level, AAA, between them and the big league team). It was perfect late-summer weather and we had some excellent seats behind home plate from a friend of hers, and sat with most of the friends and families of the players who are all hoping to make it to the big leagues some day. A lot of times I get fed up with the professional sports leagues and the high-priced athletes and all of the advertising and big money involved. Sometimes it feels more like watching a big corporate advertisement instead of a sporting event. But nights out at the ballpark like last night make me feel better about sports as it’s more fun to watch a more “pure” game and see players trying their hardest every single play. I posted some more pictures here from last night’s game.


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