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day of sports

I went down to Jacobs Field to catch the Cleveland Indians win their 6th straight game and take their biggest wild card lead of the season, 1 1/2 game over the New York Yankees. September baseball is awesome. The weather was perfect, clear and slightly cool. No one honestly thought they’d do this well this year, but if the season were to end today they would be in the playoffs, for the first time since 2001.

It was nice to see a pretty good turnout. Just over 32,000 people (about 75% full) turned out for a great game. I wonder how much of that had to do with the post-game fireworks as opposed to the play on the field. Oh well. The fans that were there were loud and very supportive. The entire crowd was on it’s feet a number of times and making a surprising amount of noise. And the fireworks were very good, as usual.

In other sports news, my Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish upset Michigan as I knew they would. And Texas downed Ohio State, as I knew they would. Yes, I live in Ohio but I have no love for the Buckeyes. The best part of the loss today is that all Ohio State fans will be much less vocal in their love of the Buckeyes for the rest of the season since today pretty much spoiled it.


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