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Google is at it again

Google unveiled it’s new Blog Search today. Hopefully that leads to more hits for this and my other blogs, especially since they are hosted by Google (which I’ve already noticed helps get me ridiculously high ranking in searches). I haven’t used the new Blog Search too much yet, but I like what I have seen so far. I’ve found myself searching blogs more lately than regular websites, especially to get running/marathon info, music reviews and other personal stuff that you don’t get from normal webpages. Technorati has always been my main blog search tool, but I’m willing to give Google a shot, since they usually do things best in whatever they take on.

However, I am getting frustrated with GMail, Google’s web-based email service. A number of times in the past month I have gone to check my email and gotten a Javascript pop-up message “Oops…the system was unable to perform your operation. Please try again in a few seconds.”. And on a few occasions I’ve actually gotten a static web page that says they are having issues and to try back later. Worst Weather Ever has also told me of similar issues he has encountered with GMail, sometimes spanning a couple hours. That’s really not acceptable, especially since many of us now use GMail as our main email account. Hopefully Google can remain on the forefront in innovation and reliability and not just slide back down to the ranks of being just another Internet company.


One response to “Google is at it again

  1. worst weather ever September 15, 2005 at 12:33 pm

    the worst for me so far was a little over 6hrs of server error messages.

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