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it’s been 10 years?

Nervous and the KidI opened up the Best Buy ad in the Sunday newspaper today and was excited to see that this Tuesday will mark the release of Kevin Smith’s classic “Mallrats” in a special 10th Anniversary Extended Edition. Is anyone else as surprised as me that it has been 10 years since this came out? I still remember being in high school and going to the local movie theatre with a bunch of my friends the first week it came out, and we were seriously the only ones there. While ‘Clerks’ is agreed upon as an independent classic, people seem to be polarized on this film. They either love it or hate it. I obviously am part of the “love it” camp. Kevin Smith has not been quite on his game since this movie, most likely a result of movie studio pressure to make his movies more widely appealing. Hopefully we will see a return to form with the release of “The Passion of the Clerks” (which I hope gets another name change before it’s release early next year).

In semi-related news, the sitcom debut of ‘Mallrats’ star Jason Lee is this Tuesday. His new show, “My Name is Earl” will air on NBC at 9pm EST. I’m hoping it’s great because I’m a big Jason Lee fan, but all the previews I have seen so far have not left me holding my breath. But hey, what do I know? Apparently critics have loved it so far. I’m more excited to see the new season of ‘The Office‘ which premiers right after the aforementioned show. I’m one of the few fans of the BBC original that has embraced the American version. Hopefully it can survive through a whole season so we can see what direction the show takes since the BBC version only lasted through about 12 episodes before it ended despite being a huge hit.


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