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down by one

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Very tired at the moment but the Indians game is on and I’m hoping they can come back like they did last night. I missed the game last night because my good friend Will was back in town from KC and a bunch of us went out to the Beachland Ballroom to see The National play. It was a great show and I got some really good pictures (it helps to be in the very front) and had a great time seeing my friends, though staying out really late on a weeknight is not so much fun the next day, or the rest of the week.

The new job has been going well so far. It is such a different environment going from a small company to a huge company. There is so much new stuff to take in and they said they expect it to take about two months to get fully up to speed on things! Hopefully I can catch on much faster than that. It’s the #1 project in the company and I’m one of the first members of a quickly growing team, so it’s really exciting to be on a project of this magnitude and to come aboard pretty early on.

The results are now posted for last Sunday’s Buckeye Half Marathon. I finshed #169 / 450, and #14 / 20 in my age group. So not too bad for my first time around. Hopefully I can improve next year and maybe crack the top 5 or better. That is if I decide to stick with the running. I think I will, though I doubt I’ll be in a hurry to do another full marathon. Speaking of which….10 days until Akron!


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