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The two big things going on for me right now are the Cleveland Indians push for the playoffs and next week’s Akron Marathon. Watched the Indians take down the Chicago White Sox tonight to get closer to the playoffs. It turns out they are now looking down on the Boston Red Sox now as they have fallen behind the New York Yankees. Hopefully they both beat each other up next week and limp into the playoffs, ripe to be beaten. The Indians are finally getting all the national media attention they deserve, and some “experts” are even saying they have a good shot at the World Series since they are so hot at just the right time. Let’s hope they can keep that fire going for another few weeks.

The marathon is now 9 days away, and counting. Did a 6 mile training run this evening. My 15 week total is now around 320+ miles. That’s like from here to Kentucky! Hard to believe I’ve come this far. Today’s run was great so I’m feeling good. I just stopped by the website and saw they have this really cool service where I can register and have friends & family get voice messages and/or emails in real-time with my race progress. Each runner wears an electronic tracking device, so I guess after each mile or so it sends out a message about my progress and estimated finish time. Let me know if any of you are interested since I can sign up 10 different people.


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