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cleaning up

I did a little clean-up work today in my little blogging universe. I officially got rid of ‘The Next Blog’, my old blog that was dedicated to finding the most interesting (i.e. some of the worst) blogs that Blogger had to offer (found via the ‘Next Blog’ button). Initially I found some really funny stuff, but it eventually became a chore to try to find one each day and I kept finding the same sort of lame blogs that just weren’t as funny anymore. Also I suppose it was a bit mean-spirited at times. Also today, I did my last post on the space race, my old music blog. I have since moved on to Better in a Song, another music blog I work on along with my friend James. I’ve left the old site up for now since it still gets some decent traffic and I think I did some pretty good entries back in the day that are worthy of a few more reads.

I am still undecided what to do with, a domain which I purchased almost a year ago. I had considered making it a replacement to this site, but as many negatives as Blogger has, I’m still liking it these days, especially after I made my template change. I’m still considering making it a technical blog, but I know I do not have the time to maintain 3 different blogs (well, 4 if you count My First Marathon, which may or may not continue beyond this Saturday’s marathon). If nothing else, it would be a place for me to try my hand at some web development stuff which I’m getting more interested in these days since that is what I’m doing at my new job. So I still have some sorting out to do with all these blogs.

Speaking of the marathon, it is only 2 days away! It hasn’t really sunk in yet that I’m so close to the event which is the culmination of 5 months of pretty serious training, especially since I have not been running much these past couple of weeks. I think it could not have come a week too soon because my legs are really starting to feel pretty worn out. I don’t think they could make it through a few more weeks of training. Hopefully they still have 26.2 miles left in them.


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