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one last time

Well, this will be my last post before Saturday’s big event, the Akron Marathon. I’ve spent this week eating a bunch of carbs, resting my legs, and trying not to think too much about the marathon. It should be a fun time. In case anyone is interested in the results, they have already put up this link which is where the results will be posted (supposedly in real-time). Hopefully I’ll do a short post on it Saturday afternoon when I get home, with more details to follow later in the weekend. Friday evening I have to head down to Akron for their big pre-race expo which has a bunch of speakers, vendors and I pickup my bib number and electronic chip. Then back home for an early bed time as I’m getting up very early on Saturday as the race starts promptly at 7:30am. The weather is going to be great, low 70s and partly sunny, though it is going to be in 40s in the morning.

So thanks to everyone for your support (and patience) over the past few months. Time to put all that training to use.


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