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night of comedy

I decided to head down to the Cleveland Improv last night to check out one of my favorite ‘Saturday Night Live’ cast members from the past decade, Tracy Morgan. Unfortunately, he really failed to live up to my expectations. His hour-long set was about 55 minutes of the raunchiest sex talk I’ve ever heard. It was funny for a bit, but after a while it just got to the point where it was like “is this seriously all he is gonna do the whole show?”. And unfortunately it pretty much was. But the opener before him, a very heavy-set black guy from DC (named Bradley something) who claimed he was stoned (and honestly seemed like it) was totally hilarious. It helped improve my mood which was down from enduring my first bad rush-hour experience on my way home from work. My typical 45-minute commute home was doubled for seemingly no reason besides a little rain.

Not really much else planned for the rest of the weekend. I was thinking about doing my first post-marathon run today, but we’re in the midst of a 2-day constant light rain that is just enough to keep everything damp. And my rec center membership finally lapsed last weekend and I don’t plan to renew it since my new employer has a very nice rec center (which won’t help me on the weekends though).

– Found a video link here of one of my favorite Morgan SNL characters.


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