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would you like to buy a piece of paper?

Went to the local Best Buy yesterday to check out the iHome stereo from my iPod and decided to pick it up since I had a 10% off coupon. Found it no problem and went to the cashier who was eagerly awaiting my arrival. Of course the first thing out of this teenage girl’s mouth is “do you want the extended service plan with that?”. But of course, it’s not just a simple question like that. It’s a minute plus speech about what it is, why I need it and how dumb I am if I don’t get it. Despite my 3 or 4 “no” responses, she made it all the way through her spiel unfazed, awaiting my definitive response. And instead of just giving in at this point, she turned to her supervisor, another teenage girl who also tried to sell me the service plan. She was even more bold in her attempts, essentially telling me the product would most likely break in the course of 2 years. So much for quality merchandise. I should have just said “well, if it’s a piece of junk like you say it is, I don’t want it”. But I’m nice and merely responded “no” for the fiftieth time and proceeded in the transaction. Of course they found some way to make my coupon not work. The girl kept pointing out that it excluded iPods, to which I replied it’s not an iPod, it merely interacts with an iPod. She then pointed out that the coupon excluded Apple products, to which I pointed out that it was not made by Apple. Finally I managed to escape with my product, vowing never to return there again because these cashiers just keep getting more and more aggressive each time.

I know they’re just trying to do their job, but people in retail these days are what make me keep making more and more of my purchases online. If I want help, I’ll ask. And “no” means “no”, not “hmm….I’m listening….”.


2 responses to “would you like to buy a piece of paper?

  1. worstweatherever October 12, 2005 at 7:06 am

    i HATE best buy now. HATE. i used to feel like I got a deal there, now i feel like no matter what happens im somehow going to get screwed. fuck that place.

  2. Andy October 13, 2005 at 3:09 pm

    Yeah… all those kids make commissions selling those worthless extended warranties… that really don’t cover crap… but you get to pay an extra 4 dollars a month… yipee!!! If it breaks after 2 years there is probably something better I want to buy…

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