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a weekend away

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This weekend I escaped the usual routine as Kristy took me to Put-In-Bay as part of my birthday present. Although it’s only about 2 hours west of Cleveland, it really felt like being on an actual vacation. We took the ferry over to the island and walked around for quite a bit (the island is only 4 miles long, so you can pretty much walk anywhere) before checking into our hotel.

We then decided to rent a golf cart (as seen in the picture), which is the most popular mode of transportation on the island. We tooled around for a few hours, checking out the parks and various area attractions. We visited the Heinemans Winery, which has some great wines. After dark, we walked into town and had a tasty lobster dinner at The Boardwalk. We then checked out some place that once held the record for the world’s longest bar, where we enjoyed seeing some Chachis trying to mack on the ladies, which is always amusing. It was like a 10-to-1 male/female ratio, so there was a lot of competition, and none of it was good, despite their best efforts. We ended the night with a few hours at the Put-In-Bay Brewing Co. which was a very cool, relaxed bar that brewed their own beer.

Overall it was a very nice, relaxing weekend. Even though we did not go very far, it felt like we were very far from our regular lives. There were no interruptions, no traffic, no internet, no schedules and no rush. It was my first time visiting the island, and will likely not be my last.


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