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on the run again

After laying low for a few weeks, I’m trying to get back into running. I did my first post-marathon run back on 10/8, exactly a week after the marathon and I ran/walked about 5 miles just to get my legs moving again. I then took another week off and did another short weekend run, and actually felt worse that time. It felt like I had not run in for six weeks instead of just six days. This past Monday, I tried out the park across from work and while the paved path was short (3 miles) and not very well marked in terms of miles, it was nice to unwind right after work and drive home post-rush hour. The run was pretty relaxed as I tried to keep my heart rate down.

Today I headed back to the towpath and decided to do the equivalent of taking the car out for a spin on the highway after not driving for a few weeks, to get it up to speed and blow out any cobwebs. I finished my first mile in 8:08, and decided to try to do my own little 5K race. I picked it up a little in the 2nd mile, finishing in 7:48. The last mile I really kicked it in, finishing in 7:08, for a total of 23:04. It really helped to loosen me up, though it did drain my energy for a bit. I walked back about a half mile, and then ran the 2.5 miles remaining at about a 9:20 pace. So it was nice to get a good run in finally. I was starting to wonder if I’d have to start over from square one after the marathon.

As far as my ongoing training routine, I’m not really sure. The weather is starting to get cold, and my lungs are not a big fan of sucking in cold air. I plan to join the fitness center at work and hit up the treadmills, but I have trouble staying on those for more than a half hour. I’d love to do a spring marathon (April), but I don’t know how realistic that is given the limited training options provided by a Cleveland winter. There is a possibility I might do a 5K in about 2 weeks on the Case Western Reserve campus. And then I might do a half-marathon in a month, as long as I feel that I can do such a long run in the cold.

Don’t worry readers, I don’t plan to document all my future running endeavors on here, besides any races I might do. I know it’s pretty boring stuff. I might start up another blog for myself just to serve as a running journal. I’ve decided to just leave be My First Marathon, and let it live as a document of my marathon preparation. Since that time has passed, I don’t feel it’s right to keep adding to it. Hopefully additional first-timers will find it and gain some insight and inspiration like I did reading others documenting their efforts.


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