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marathon on wheels

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The weather finally cleared up today unexpectedly, so I was able to dust off the old bike and go for a ride. What started off with the intention of being just a normal bike ride turned into so much more. 35 miles more.

It was a nice cool mid 50’s, mostly overcast and I had enough layers on to keep warm. As you can see, the fall colors are very close to hitting their peak, so the scenary was awesome. I would stop every so often to take some pictures (which you can view more of here). Before I knew it, I was down in Akron and even ended up biking a stretch of a couple miles that I ran during the Akron Marathon. After I had travelled over 17 miles south, I finally said to myself “hey, that’s really far…you still have to ride back home, remember?”

Well, those first 17+ miles were much more enjoyable than the 17+ back that followed. My thighs felt like mincemeat and my upper back was killing me from leaning over for hours on end. I did manage to make it back without incident, though once I drove home it was a little tough to walk for a bit. But now it’s a few hours later and I’m feeling pretty decent.

So the moral of the story is that when you go bike riding, or running, or anything along those lines like I did, if you’re going in a straight direction, remember that you have to go back the same distance you go forward to get back to where you started. I was very tempted to change that and call someone to pick me up, but I toughed it out.


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