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hello couch, we meet again

Not much new to report. It seems that during the past two weeks it has rained about 90% of the time here in northeast Ohio. This is typically my favorite time of year, but it has been hard to enjoy this year. Hopefully the rain drys up soon and we’re able to enjoy a few fall-like days before winter arrives for good.

The change in weather for me means a change in behavior. Instead of being Mr. Outdoors and working out, I pretty much become a couch potato. I did so this past weekend when I watched two movies on Saturday, Jet Li’s “Unleashed” and Nicole Kidman/Sean Penn’s “The Interpreter“. Unfortunately, neither of them were that great. Nothing awful, but nothing I would recommend, particularly ‘Unleashed’. It is a really silly premise and I should have known better. So now that it’s cold outside, I’ll get my money’s worth from Netflix once again. Coming up next is season 2 of ‘Arrested development‘, horror flick ‘High Tension‘, and director Gus Van Sant’s Cobain-inspired ‘Last Days‘. I know ‘Arrested Development’ will be great, but hopefully the movies can provide some quality entertainment.


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