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shape up!

I gave into the reality that winter is coming (despite the great weekend forecast) and signed up for the fitness center at work today. It’s not very cheap like one would suspect, but it is much better than the Broadview Heights Rec Center that I had been a member of the past 4 years. It’s bigger, cleaner, and has a lot more equipment that is a lot nicer. Also, they have a lot of fitness classes that are free (as part of the membership). I’m interested in trying a spinning class sometime, which I have heard give you quite the workout. I plan to stick primarily to the cardio machines, mixing in some weights only to keep a little bit of tone. I have zero interest in bulking up.

Today I kept it light and just did a 5K on the treadmill. I had a really great run on Wednesday out on the towpath, covering 4 miles in 31:39 (7:55 mi pace) which is a great time for me. But it was cold and my legs were getting pretty tight near the end. I plan to do a lengthy run on Saturday, followed by a bike ride on Sunday to enjoy the nice weather (sunny and 60’s in November?!).

As for work, I plan to workout during the week after work. Apparently the peak time of the day is lunch time, but I have no interest in getting all sweated up and then having to clean up and go back to work. Same thing goes for getting up early and working out prior to work.

And who ever came up with the notion that exercise makes you more energetic? Either that’s a crock, or I’m doing something wrong because a lot of nights after I work out I feel sluggish and tired much earlier than usual. But I know it’s good for me. And going to bed earlier would be a smart idea for me.


One response to “shape up!

  1. Joshua Anderson October 29, 2005 at 6:09 pm

    Working out in the early AM really is the best answer. I did it all through high school and college and it does make a big difference. Plus, you don’t get bummed out because you still have to spend and hour or more at the gym after work. Now, if I could just find somewhere that I could work out before work, I would…Would I?!? 🙂

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