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Danny Tanner is not gay

Started off the final weekend in October with a night out on the town. Started off at BD’s Mongolian BBQ in Cleveland Heights. Always a good time, especially when it’s buy one, get one free (get yours simply by signing up here). The Coventry area was packed, but surprisingly we did not have to wait to get seated. Great food as usual, especially since they added some salmon to the mix.

After that, we headed down to the Improv in the Flats for the late night show. We got there early, which was fortunate since the show ended up selling out. Even though we were seated early, we had like the worst seats possible, all the way near the back. Since I paid just as much as anyone else and there were tons of open seats at that point, Kristy & I simply moved up to a closer table for two that had an unobstructed view. I kept waiting for us to get asked to move, but fortunately that time never came. Yeah! Living on the edge! 🙂

For once, I can honestly say that all 3 comics on the bill were good. I forget the name of the first opener, some young guy who was the MC for the evening who had a funny set to open things up. He was followed up by Nick Griffin, who apparently was just on Letterman earlier this month. He had a very dry sense of humor and a very relaxed approach which is something I always like. He was a great opener for the main act, Bob Saget.

Yes, most of you know Bob Saget as the dad, Danny Tanner on ‘Full House’, or as the host of ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ for all those years. Well, the stand-up comedian Bob Saget is much different than the network TV Bob Saget. Some of you might have seen this other side a few years ago when he had a cameo in ‘Half Baked‘ as a coke addict. To give you a sample of what his set is like, he’s a joke he had:

“A lot of girls come up to me now and say “I grew up watching you on TV.” To which I reply “that’s cool, now you can go down while watching me.” (gesturing towards his crotch)

Not quite the guy you remember from ‘Full House’, eh? His set was full of dirty jokes, potty humor and lots of cursing. It’s like all of those years of lame network television left him so repressed that he has to let it all out now. He was very funny, though hard to follow at times since he talked like a mile a minute and often jumped from topic to topic like a kid with bad ADD. He ended the set by doing a few tunes on his guitar, including the song “Danny Tanner is Not Gay”, which was set to the music of the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way”. If you ever get a chance to see Saget perform, I highly recommend it.


One response to “Danny Tanner is not gay

  1. Joshua Anderson November 5, 2005 at 5:22 am

    Danny Tanner might not be gay, but you sure are!!!

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