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clinically dead

…well, not really. Just taking a brief break from blogging. Just when I was starting to get some posting momentum, I slack off again, disappointing all 10 or so of you regular readers.

Not much exciting info to share. Enjoyed the wonderful sunny & 60 degree weather on Sunday with a bike ride on the towpath with Kristy. We started off in Penisula this time, which was a mistake since it was super hella crowded. But once we got about a mile south, the crowds started to thin and we were able to get around without fear of running over entire families. It was nice. I did pretty much cancel out all health benefits of the ride though by downing a container of apple cider that had like twice my daily intake of sugar. But it tasted so good!

Watched the movie ‘High Tension‘ this weekend which I recommend you never even consider watching. It was really bad. I ended up fast forwarding through a lot of it, which I’m glad I did because the ending made no sense at all and I would have felt even more disappointed if I had sat through the whole thing to be let down by it. I did get through the whole first disc of Season 2 of ‘Arrested Development‘ which I’m very happy to report is even better than the first season. So good. If you have not seen this show yet, do yourself a favor and rent season one. Very funny, in a non-conventional sort of way (hence the poor ratings).

Annual health fair thing at work tomorrow. Getting my cholesterol tested along with my blood pressure. Not too worried about that stuff yet since I’ve always had good numbers, though I guess I should start keeping it in mind when making my food selections. One of these days it will catch up to me. Though I rarely eat fast food and shy away from red meat, I still manage to make plenty of poor eating decisions. Here’s to hoping that marathon helped clear my system out!


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