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the joys of northeast ohio

Today was the first real snowfall of the season here in Northeast Ohio, since everyone got some and not just the lucky lake effect people east of Cleveland. As such, I experienced my first 2+ hour commute home from work this evening. I was all excited because we were let go early, but my excitement quickly diminished when I hit brake lights a couple miles south of work on the highway. And the further south I got, the harder the snow, and the slower the traffic. Even once I exited the highway, I was still subjected to stop and go traffic (mostly “stop”), and rarely exceeded 10 mph until the last 2 miles of my drive. So even with my early headstart home, I still managed to get home later than usual.

Tomorrow morning I am doing the unthinkable and heading downtown to run in the annual Turkey Trot, which helps to raise money to feed the hungry. I had actually been looking forward to it for a while, until I saw the forecast. It is supposed to be in the low 20s, windy, and snowing. Not exactly the 80 degree and sunny conditions that I was used to running in all summer. I have all my gear ready to go, though I know I’ll be frozen by the end, just like the turkeys they will be donating.


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